When Rich Dykstra opened his first auto repair shop in 1984, he knew that running a garage is about more than taking care of cars and trucks. It’s about taking care of people, too. Over 35 years later, the business is still in the family, and Rich’s belief in doing things the right way is still our guiding star.

The values that drive us.

When you walk into a GreatWater auto shop, you can count on our professional mechanics to get to the root of your automotive problem—no shortcuts or sugarcoating. You can count on us to do right by you to earn your trust. Most of all, you can count on us to put your needs first. Because like the Great Lakes we’re named for, our values run deep.

The ones you turn to when the engine won’t turn over.

There’s no shortage of automotive repair options near you when it comes to deciding where you’ll take your vehicle, so when you choose one of ours, we want to reward your trust. Our work and customer service speaks for itself.

The service is great, even when the news isn’t.

Finding out you need a new tires will never be a highlight of your day, but we make every customer experience as good as it can be. Our hands get pretty dirty, but our consciences stay clean.

Trust us, you want the tech under your hood to like their job.

Treating our teammates right is just as important to us as treating our customers right. The way we see it, if our team-members love what they do, you’ll love it too.

Passionate about people and pistons alike? Join our team.

You can judge an auto shop by how they treat their employees, and we treat ours like they’ve been in the family for decades. (In some cases, they have been.) That’s why we close on weekends and support any team member who wants to advance their career in automotive maintenance. Join the GreatWater family and build a lasting career.

The latest auto care know-how to keep your machine moving.

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Sell your shop and join the GreatWater family.

When it’s time to sell your garage, you want to do right by the community you serve. When you join the GreatWater family, you can feel confident that your people are in good hands. We invest in every garage we acquire and celebrate what makes it special.