3 Reasons to Get Regular Tire Rotations

Unless you live and work in a big city, most Americans rely on cars for transportation. We need to be able to move from A to B, reliably. To keep your vehicle running longer (and save money), it’s important to schedule routine maintenance, like tire rotations.


1. Even Wear & Tear
Different tires perform different functions, meaning wear happens unevenly. The front wheels, which control turning, accelerating, and braking, will deteriorate quicker than the rear. The opposite is true for rear-wheel drive vehicles.

During a rotation, a technician will exchange the front and back tires and often swap sides. While road conditions, temperature, and driving habits all contribute to wear, getting your tires rotated regularly helps lengthen their life span.


2. Improved Vehicle Handling
Neglecting your tires can lead to a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. But more importantly, they can be a safety hazard. Worn out tires have less traction and can make it harder to control your vehicle when turning or stopping, especially in wet or icy conditions.

During a rotation, a technician will check tread depth, inspect for damage, and refill the tires to the proper air pressure. If there is a problem, you’ll be happy it was caught early. Give your tires the attention they deserve – for smoother rides and accident prevention.


3. Protect Other Vehicle Components
Good tire maintenance reduces stress on other vehicle components such as brakes, axles, suspension, and bearings. If you notice a slight vibration in your steering wheel or pedals, that could be an indicator of tire instability and should prompt a visit to your local auto shop. A regular rotation schedule can protect your vehicle (and your wallet) from unexpected, expensive repairs.


Schedule a tire rotation with your local auto shop today!