3 Tips for Auto Shop Inventory Management

Cars have tons of parts, and it would be impractical (and impossible) to house everything at the shop. On the other hand, it’s critical to meet demand. A good inventory strategy should streamline ordering, speed up delivery, and support your bottom line. In this blog, we’ll discuss three best practices for inventory management.

1. Stock the Basics
Think about the products your shop sells the most. Oil, filters, fluids, and batteries – these common items should be easily accessible for your techs. Keep shelves and storage spaces organized and clear of clutter. If frequently used supplies can be located immediately, you’re saving time and money.

2. Work with your Parts Salesperson
Build a strong relationship with your supplier. Through them, your shop gains valuable knowledge about supply chain, transportation, and overall value. The more you communicate, the better your supplier understands your shop’s inventory needs. Then they can help you create demand forecasts for future orders.

3. Inventory Management Software
Shift from manual to automated purchasing. Using a single dashboard, you can add parts and set up order points. Based on your specific stock needs, purchase orders are automatically issued when inventory falls below a pre-determined level. Technology offers real-time tracking data and better cost control.