3 Tips for Organizing your Auto Paperwork

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in vehicle ownership. Registration, licenses, repair/maintenance records, insurance – are they easily accessible when you need them? Many people don’t bother saving these documents, then find themselves unprepared when the time comes to service or sell their car. Take frustration out of paperwork with these three easy tips.


1. Use a File Folder
It only takes a few minutes to organize your documents in a file folder or 3-ring binder. Create separate sections based on vehicle, year, or type of document so the information is easy to sift through.
Paperwork you should save:

  • All documentation related to the purchase of the vehicle including title, signed sales agreement, warranty info, and financing sheets. If you’re buying pre-owned, ask for any documents the seller has for your records (Carfax reports, title transfer, etc.).
  • All receipts from auto shop visits, so you have a complete history of your car’s repair and maintenance schedule. Service recommendations or deferred service printouts can be stored in this section as well.
  • All insurance documents including accident reports, claims, and photos of damage.

2. In-Vehicle Items
Certain paperwork should be kept in an easy-to-reach spot, like the glove box. If you’re pulled over, the officer will ask for your registration and proof of insurance, and you don’t want to be searching through clutter to find them. I keep mine in a little plastic sleeve in my center console.
Other items to keep in your car:

  • Vehicle Manual – Just in case you need to figure out what the blinking light on your dashboard means.
  • Medical Information/Emergency Contacts – If you’re in an accident and can’t communicate, these details will help first responders contact your loved ones.

3. Go Digital
It’s 2022 – everything is available on your mobile device! If you’re not great at organization or just don’t like paperwork, consider shifting to digital file storage. Ask your auto shop if they can email receipts and check if your state offers electronic car titling. It’s also legal in many places to present proof of registration/insurance from your phone.


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