STELLAR AUTO CARE SERVICE TO you and your vehicle?

Your car or truck should keep your life moving, not slow it down. Whatever brings you to a GreatWater Garage near you, our professional mechanics and certified technicians will use the latest automotive technology to get you back on the road. Because we know you have better places to be than our waiting room.

Oil & Scheduled Maintenance

Our professional mechanics will help you stay on top of your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for oil changes, routine auto care and maintenance to keep your car or truck running like a dream.

  • Factory-Recommended Maintenance

  • Oil Change

Inspections & Diagnostics

Our GreatWater Inspection Services conducted by our professional mechanics ensure that your vehicle is in shipshape from bumper to bumper and compliant with your area’s emissions and safety requirements.

  • 360 Inspections

  • Computer/Check Engine Light Diagnostics

  • Fuel Economy Testing

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tires & Wheels

Whether you need a routine tire rotation, alignment or suspension repairs, we’ll get your car or truck back on the road in a hurry. Not sure what kind of tires you need? Not to worry. Our auto care specialists can help you decide.

  • Rim Repair

  • Rotation & Alignment

  • Steering & Suspension

  • Tire Repair & Replacement

  • Seasonal Tire Replacement


When it comes to your brakes, you want the best service and maintenance available. Bring your vehicle to one of our auto shops near you. Our auto care specialists can make sure that your car or truck can stop on a dime—without bringing your busy schedule to a halt.

  • Anti-Lock Brake Service

  • Brake Repair & Replacement



When your check engine light comes on, a GreatWater 360 Auto Care professional mechanic will get to the root of the problem and complete any necessary repairs. We can also help with key programming, keyless entry and other electrical services your car or truck may require.

  • Starting, Charging and Battery Service

  • Battery and Alternator Service

  • Electrical/Wiring Repair

  • Key Programming and Keyless Entry

Under the Hood

From engine maintenance and belt replacement to transmission service and filter replacement, our GreatWater garages have got you covered. Our auto care specialists will ensure that everything under your vehicle’s hood operates as well as possible for as long as possible.

  • Belt & Hose Replacement

  • Cooling System Maintenance

  • Engine & Fuel System Maintenance

  • Filter Replacement

  • Transmission Service

Lights & Wipers

Wipers not as smooth as they used to be? Headlights looking cloudy? That burnt-out dome light you never got around to replacing? Our professional mechanics have your car or truck’s wipers’ and lights’ maintenance needs covered.

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Replacement

  • Wiper Blade Replacement


Unwanted sounds or smells coming from your vehicle could be a sign of a deeper issue. Our certified technicians and professional mechanics will perform the maintenance and repairs necessary to keep your car or truck’s exhaust system clean, quiet and up to emissions standards.

  • Converter

  • Custom

  • Emissions Repair

  • Exhaust & Muffler Services

  • Smoke Test

Heating & Air Conditioning

Get your car or truck’s heat and A/C issues under control without losing your cool. Our professional mechanics will perform the maintenance and repairs to help you keep your vehicle cool in the summer, warm in the winter and comfortable year-round.

  • A/C Service

  • Heating Service

  • Climate Control

GreatWater Fleet Services

When your job is managing a fleet of vehicles, you need a reliable auto care shop near you to keep them running like clockwork. Our professional mechanics have the capabilities to provide service, repairs and maintenance to small-to-midsize fleets with expertise and attention to detail, so you can focus on driving your business. Contact Jason Bunning, Director of B2B & Commercial Operations, at (812) 550-8484 for more information on our Fleet programs.

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